Viper Shot King Dartboard Review

Viper Shot King bristle dartboardThe Viper Shot King dartboard is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for buying a good bristle dartboard at a reasonable cost.

When you buy the Viper Shot King you will part with less than fifty bucks, but in return you will get a very durable dartboard made with compressed self-healing and high density sisal fibers. The sisal is short and stiff – necessary qualities for a bristle dartboard that will stand the test of time and hold the darts in, even if the darts are thrown weakly at the board by a more novice player.

There are five models in the dartboard Viper range, namely: the League Pro, League, Dead-On, Shot King and Razorback. These dartboards have similar characteristics features. They all have a dimension of 18 inch diameter and 1.5 inch thickness and they are all good choices for your dartboard purchase but the Viper Shot King really stands out.

Features of the Viper Shot King

The Viper Shot King Dartboard has several great features worthy of specific mention. A few of its features are discussed below.

  • Compression ring system

Viper Shot King dartboard compression ring systemThe sisal fibers used in making the dartboard are compressed and bound together at their outer fringes with steel compression ring. This not only keeps the dartboard in good shape but it also ensures that the dartboard is kept durable for a lifespan of several years, if not longer.

The outer rim of the dartboard encasing the compression ring is matt black and sets off the bright,  standard red and green colours of the dartboard face. This dartboard will look good on your wall, no doubt about it.

  • Tri-color dartboard markings

tri-color dartboard profile

Design meets perfection in the construction and color combination of the Viper Shot King Dartboard. The dartboard’s color is a careful merger of three vivid colors reproduced on the sisal fiber.

The three color combination makes the board tick, blending perfectly on virtually any wall. Of course, a look at the Viper Shot King Dartboard would suggest that it has four colors; the fourth color is the designer’s way of revealing the gleam coloration of the sisal fiber.

Sadly, the board is not staple-free and so the shooting area is reduced slightly. This is common feature of all dartboards on the lower end of the budget scale. It shouldn’t be an issue for many players but keep in mind you might have a few more bounce-outs with this board as from time-to-time the darts will hit the staples. Viper advertise this board as having a staple-free bullseye. That is standard. If you see a dartboard with a stapled bullseye then I would suggest steer well clear of it.

  • Radial sector wire

Radial sector wireThe target face of the Viper Shot King is made larger and improved with the use of the radial sector wire

The radial wire is shaped in the form of a sphere and this shape plays a vital role in directing the dart towards the target because it can encourages the dart tips to deviate inwards into the board, minimising the chances of a direct hit and bouncing straight back out. This is a similar feature to the Winmau Blade 4, although in that board the wire is pointed rather than spherical.

Either way, the net result is less wire to hit and more chances of landing your darts in the bristle. It’s a useful feature and helps to make up for the fact that the wire is stapled to the board. If you want it all – no staples and an engineered wire to minimise bounce-outs then you need to look at the Winmau.

  • Steel and soft-tip dart cross-compatibility

Steel and soft-tipped darts compatibilityMost darts players are accustomed to either steel or soft-tipped darts and usually dartboards are selective of the kind of darts that can be used on them. However, the Shot King is a versatile dartboard and can perform very capably with both soft and steel-tipped darts.

Common complaints of some dartboards is that they cope only with certain types of darts, but the sisal fibers in the Viper Shot King are able to grasp soft-tipped darts easily. Needless to say, steel-tipped darts have no issues whatsoever given that the bristle dartboard is designed primarily for these kind of darts. It is rare that dartboards advertise this cross-compatibility with such confidence. Some reviewers have stated this dartboard doesn’t work so well with the soft-tipped darts but others are more than happy with it.

Do keep in mind that soft-tipped darts will wear out the board quicker than steel-tipped darts, so if you want to regularly use soft-tipped darts you will need to rotate the board frequently in order to distribute the wear.

  • Removable low-glare number ring

This feature hinges on the quick healing power of the sisal fiber. The longevity of the Shot King Dartboard is further improved with the aid of a removable low-glare number ring. The feature allows users to rotate the board and thereby giving other part of the dartboard enough chance to heal. It helps to keep the dartboard alive and active round the clock. You’ll appreciate a lower glare when you’re aiming for that crucial double to win the match!

  • Other Features

The dartboard is made of round-shaped and thin wires that direct darts and make it easy for darts to meet their targets. The dartboard is finished with enamel. Enamel paint is carefully chosen here because of its glossy and higher quality appearance. The dartboard comes with several accessories for easy replacement of worn out pieces in order to keep it functional and long-lasting. It also comes with six steel tip darts that can help those starting out to master the skills

Further Information about the Viper Shot King Dartboard

  • The Viper Shot King Dartboard has a very solid four star average reviews on Amazon. Although there are a few negative reactions among users, several users give credit on its superb quality. Some users complain about the darts bouncing off too high when used on the dartboard but this could be as a result of the use of low quality darts in the process. As already said, the Viper Shot King Dartboard works well with soft and steel darts, but some other kinds of darts can be used as well.
  • The dartboard weighs 0.7 ounces and is supplied with two sets of darts which weigh 22g and have an 8mm barrel. These darts are by no means the best, so anyone who is more than just a casual player might want to invest in a good set of steel-tip darts.
  • The weight of the dartboard is approximately 10 pounds.
  • The board can be easily mounted in cabinet and of course, you can choose to mount it directly on a wall.
  • The flights can be installed by first spreading them in such a way that the fins make 90 degrees and then pressing them into the shaft.
  • The dartboard comes with mounting hardware, making it easy for you to mount and begin playing. You will only need nails and screws to get the process done.
  • The steel tipped darts performs better when used on the dartboard than the soft tip darts. One point to note is that soft-tipped darts can cause the bristles to wear quicker because soft dart tips are thicker and have more surface area, hence more fibres will be displaced in the board at any one time when a soft-tip dart lands on it.