What to Look for When Buying a Dartboard

Buying a Dartboard – What You Need to Look Out For

What to look for when buying a dartboardSo you have done your research and have decided you want to buy a dartboard. In this section we examine what you need to look for when buying a dartboard. We are focusing on bristle dartboards in this case.

Darting has for long been a classic and social game used in friendly get togethers and for relaxation.

Besides being a good player and knowing all the techniques, you need a real dartboard to play substantially. Dartboards vary greatly in quality, as well as their longevity and ability to hold the dart.

A poor selection of dartboard will frustrate your game, often leading to too many bounce-outs and you having to pick up darts from the floor. However, you do not need to be an expert to be able to buy the right dartboard, here are some tips that will help you to select the best dartboards.

Bristle dartboards

Bristle dartboards have become increasingly popular since Noldor invented it in the 1930s. The best brittle dartboards are made with sisal fibers. Sisals are very durable materials with high-density fibers and that have self-healing ability. In other words, with sisal fibers, you can be sure that the material will not only last for a long time but will close up fast when impacted by a dart. If you are looking at buying a dartboard for tournaments and standard play, the best bet would be sisal fiber.

Density and depth of the dartboard

An important factor to consider when choosing a dartboard to buy is the density and depth. You need a dartboard with the best density and thickness; not too high and not too low. Good depth and density dartboards will help to ensure that the dart penetrates deeper and bounce out less from the board. It is relevant in holding the dart in position and preventing bounce-outs, thus helping players to score higher in the game. Most brittle dartboards equally have good density and depth and therefore will make a great play.


The wiring of the dartboard is a critical factor to examine before making a purchase. Wiring in a dartboard is used to separate the central section of the dartboard from the outer fringes. Wiring ought to be done in such a manner that it will not promote bounce-outs. Some dartboards, especially low-cost ones, have their wiring system as well as their inner bull free from staples. You can also opt in for triangular edged dartboards with thin wires to improve your chances of hitting the darts at the target. Wiring can make the difference in the quality of the dartboard as well as the precision of the player. Thus careful attention should be paid to it when purchasing.

Avoid coiled paper dartboards

The idea behind coiled paper dartboards is to improve the healing power of the dartboard, but this is hardly achieved with these dartboards. If you are looking for a dartboard to enjoy your darting experience, the coiled paper dartboard is probably not the best option. However, this dartboard might be an option if you want to get a dartboard for your kids. These are fancy dartboards, often used for recreational purposes. The dart usually goes straight through the dartboard, and when the dart is removed from the board, the damage seldom heals. However, twisting the dart as you remove it can help reduce its damaging impact.

Bulls with bladed surfaces

Bounce-outs are further reduced with bladed bulls. Dartboards with bladed bulls offer the player a high surface area for play and also help to improve the chances of scoring. Boards with outer bullseye as well as a micro inner bull can contribute to improve your game and reduce bounce-outs. The outside bull help to give players direction to the inner bull and by guiding the player to the target and also presenting a greater surface area; the accuracy and precision of the player can be sharpened with these features.

Removable number ring with low-glare

The Removable low glare number ring coupled with the sisal fiber will improve the healing power of the dartboard. This can help to enhance the lifespan of the board and also boost the darting experience of users. This is one of the most important features to check out for when purchasing a dartboard. It allows users to move the board around, rotating it such that the numbers will take different segment than before. Before turning the board, the number ring has to be unclipped, and after switching the numbers, it has to be re-clipped. The rotation of the board allows the part hit previously with darts to heal and therefore ensuring that the dartboard lasts longer.

Exclusive composite edging

The number ring rotation will be limited without a unique composite edging. You need to look out for composite edging before buying the dartboard. The composite edging is produced from recycled plastic and made unique. The edging serves to make the number ring to rotate better, eliminating hurdles and besides the dartboard will look more modern with a different edging. It is a great component to look out for if you want a decorative dartboard.

Food grade eco inks

The kind of ink used in the dartboard determines its quality. Bristle dartboards, such as those made with sisal, are constructed with food grade eco inks. The ink sinks into the fibers and therefore improving the characteristics of the dartboard. With superb inks used on a bristle dartboard, you can be sure that the dartboard will have brilliant color and excellent strength. It also ensures that the board has good visibility and low glare. Food grade eco inks are environmentally friendly, hence the name, and therefore using this board will improve the environmental friendliness of the board.

Hanging the dartboard with a bracket

Before buying a dartboard you need to factor out how to hang or keep the dartboard so as to ensure that it is very safe. Most users will want to hang the board on the wall or perhaps on a frame. To hang the board, you need a hanger, and some real dartboards come with well-designed wall brackets that can aid in attaching it. With the top-notch bracket, it is not necessary to remove the board from the bracket to rotate it. Brackets also make it easy to assemble and put the board in place for darting.

Pro-trainer option

If you are a professional, you might want a dartboard that would hone your skills the more. You need high-quality dartboards with such features like doubles, ultra slim trebles and so forth. An expert might look for additional features in a dartboard than a newbie would. Of course, a pro-trainer would want to ensure that the dartboard he or she purchases is a tournament practice, high-quality sisal, razor thin spider and staple free dartboard.

Look for warranty

It is also essential when buying a dartboard that you have a guarantee that the product will deliver exactly what the manufacturer promises. Warranty is your best bet in determining that the product will deliver on its promises. The warranty offered by manufacturers differs; you can check the description of the product probably on the manufacturer’s website to determine the warranty. For instance, the one-year warranty is offered on the Pro Trainer Bandit dartboard.


The cost of dartboards varies; while the price is not the determinant of quality, a high-quality dartboard will not be super cheap. Your selection should not be based on the price but quality, but apparently, for dartboards with the same quality, you might want to opt in for the cheaper option. Price depends on the manufacturer and can range from as low as $10 to $100 and even beyond. When buying a dartboard and comparing bristle boards on the market, it is important to note that some dartboards have more sisal stuffed into them than others and thus their prices may differ.