Why You Should Buy a Dartboard Surround

Dartboard surround – what it is and why you should buy one

Framed felt dartboard surroundYou need a dartboard and a good one to play darts games, but that is not the only thing you need. If you want to play the game indoors, you need some other accessories to complement the board and ensure that the surrounding is safe enough to play the game. You can opt for a dartboard mat if you are thinking of protecting the floor and carpet from potential damage that could result from rebounding of the dart.

Dartboard surrounds, as the name implies, come in if you want to protect the immediate environment surrounding your dartboard from the impact of darts that fall outside the board region.

What are dartboard surrounds?

Dartboard surrounds are dartboard components that can be used to safeguard the region around your dartboard from darts that miss the target. The surrounds are designed with materials that will help them take in the dart so that it does not rebound. Dartboard surrounds are mostly used in homes, pubs, and clubs because you would not want to damage other materials in the home or club with the dart.

Although the surrounds do not promise to keep stray darts away 100%, they have high efficiency of covering the regions that could be impacted by stray darts and preventing them from rebounding to other parts of the home or club.

Dartboard surrounds are manufacturer specific. In other words, different manufacturers make different dartboard surrounds, and of course, the cost depends on the manufacturer and the materials used in making the product. Most manufacturers manufacture dartboard surrounds with high quality molded foam, often resembling rubberized neoprene. The material is well chosen for making surrounds to ensure that the stray dart will stick to it and also the tip of the dart will not be damaged by the surround. Darts that stuck to the surround can be easily removed without causing any noticeable damage to the dartboard surround.

The dimension of dartboard surrounds differs depending on the manufacturer and the dartboard for which they are made. For instance, the new Winmau dartboard surround has a size of about 27 by 2 inches and is circular in shape. The form and size are such that it will fit properly in the designated dartboard.

Why should you buy a dartboard surround?

Most people struggle with making a decision to go for either dartboard surrounds or dartboard cabinets. Dartboard cabinets are used to hold dartboards and also to catch stray darts, but dartboard surrounds come with several benefits over cabinets. Dartboard surrounds when installing on the dartboard makes the board look even more fanciful. Besides, the surrounds are easy to set up, and therefore you can play your game at any time.
The cost of dartboard surrounds depending on the manufacturer and also upon the materials used in making the product. Some top-notch dartboard surrounds are costly with the cost ranging up to $75 and even beyond. The New Winmau Dartboard Surrounds is a good example of such dartboard surrounds as it costs up to $74.99.

Dartboard surrounds are also durable; of course, this is not a general characterization of dartboard surrounds but depends on the manufacturer and the material used in making the surround. It is important to ensure that the surround you purchase is possessed durability characteristics. If the surround is durable, it ensures that the surrounding is highly protected against stray darts and help you feel safe and play your darts game safely indoors in the home or club. Thus, the durability of the surround determines its performance.

Surrounds come in different dimensions and sizes. For instance, the New Winmau Dartboard Surround has an outer diameter of 72 inches while the Winmau white dartboard surround has an outer diameter of 63 cm. The difference in sizes and dimension of the surround is an indication of the fact that each dartboard surround is made for a different dartboard. Thus, you should have a dartboard before buying the surround, or you can buy them together.

Dartboard surrounds could be a way to decorate the dartboard. Surrounds come in different colors and design, and they are specially made for aesthetic purposes. If you are thinking of using the dartboard to decorate your home, then you need to consider getting a good looking surround. You can buy surrounds that blend with the color of your room and you can even buy more than one dartboard surrounds for different backgrounds. Darting is a great art and usually done in a social gathering. With a right surround on the dartboard, you can even make the party look more colorful and exuberant.

Are dartboard surrounds worth the cost?

Good dartboard surrounds are even costlier than some dartboards. For instance, the New Winmau dartboard surrounds cost close to $75, but you can find some dartboards with costs in the neighborhood of $10. It all boils down to your needs and preferences; however, it pays to invest in quality. The New Winmau dartboard surround is made of high quality molded foam that makes it worth the cost. Of course, you can also find less quality dartboard surrounds, but it is important to ensure that stray darts will stick to the surrounds rather than hit other parts of the home or pub.

Is the investment of a dartboard surround worth it?

Irrespective of the reason why you play dart, investment into dartboard surround is a great investment. It does not just ensure that you make a great game, but it keeps things and people in your home safe. Safety is guaranteed by surrounds, and when you buy a very durable and good one, you can be sure that your stuff is at least 95% safe from stray darts. As a professional player, investment into dartboards and dartboard surrounds is not optional. You may have the precision to always hit your target with negligible mis-hits, but provisions should be made for the negligible probability of mis-hits and perhaps for the mis-hits by some other people who might happen to use the dartboard in the home or pub.