7 of the Best Cheap Dartboards for Limited Budgets

The best cheap dartboardsFor many people, buying a dartboard for the first time can be quite confusing because there are so many cheap dartboards on the market and it is not always easy to sort out the good from the bad.

To make it easier for yourself, if you are a new player of the game or are buying a dartboard as a gift for a new player I would always recommend considering a board at the lower end of the budget.

It is easy to start out with one of the cheap dartboards.

If you take to the game and become very enthusiastic then you can always buy a better dartboard later on. Even if you buy one of the cheaper boards it should last you several years of moderate daily usage.

To help you decide here’s my list of the seven best cheap dartboards you can buy right now.

** You don’t need to splash the cash too much to enjoy this wonderful game! **

Take a look at these cheap dartboards

1. Viper Shot King Dartboard ($$)

Viper Shot King dartboardThe Viper “Shot King” dartboard is a best-seller on Amazon and for very good reason: it’s a great dartboard.

It is a bristle dartboard, made from compressed and reactive sisal fibers.

These fibers spring back when the darts are taken out, meaning that the holes are “self-healing”.

he board is not entirely staple-free (unlike the Winmau Blade 4) but the smallest target on the board (the bullseye) is staple-free, meaning that bounce-outs are far less likely in the bull region.

==> See the Viper Shot King Dartboard

To reduce those dreaded bounce-outs…

….the wire attached to the board is thin and rounded, which encourages incoming darts to glance off the wire into the bristle rather than back out and on to the floor.

The wire ring is moveable which means you can rotate the numbers around the board and distribute the board’s wear and tear evenly. This is an important feature and not every board has it.

If you want your board to last at least a few years then this makes the Viper Shot King a good bet.

The Viper Shot King board is supplied with six darts (two sets in total) and all the mounting hardware you need to get playing straight away.

All in all, this is an excellent entry-level dartboard that has many good reviews on Amazon and comes highly recommended.

2. TG Champion Dartboard ($$)

TG Champion bristle dartboardThe TG Champion dartboard is very much a no-frills dartboard.

If you are on a limited budget then you can’t go too far wrong with this.

It is a bristle dartboard, although the low cost of it means that it is likely the fibers are perhaps not of the highest quality or as compact as they could be .

This might lead to signs of wear and tear more quickly because the holes will not heal as well as more expensive dartboards.

==> More about the TG Champion Dartboard

That said, the darts do stick well to it and it could well last you several years.

As with the Viper Shot King dartboard the wire is not staple free, but the bullseye ring at least is free of any staples.

The reviews of it are fairly positive and overall it is well-made, robust and sturdy.

The wire ring is removable and rotatable which will help with even wear distribution.

Although not originally shipped with darts, this TG Champion dartboard is now shipping with two free sets of darts, which really is a requirement when you are buying a dartboard for the first time.

This is not a professional dartboard and it won’t last a lifetime…

…but if you are a casual player looking to play darts for a bit of fun then you can’t really have many complaints about this board.

3. Wuudi Double-Sided Dartboard ($$)

Wuudi Double-Sided DartboardThis Wuudi double-sided dartboard has a game on each side (regular darts on one side).

It would probably suit younger players in that it offers an alternative to the standard darts game.

The regulation bristle dartboard on one side has thin wiring to keep bounce-outs to a minimum.

The numbers are printed on the board and are not part of the wire frame.

Therefore there is no facility to rotate the numbers and distribute the wear and tear around the board.

==> Read more about the Wuudi double-sided dartboard

For some that’s probably not an issue but something to be aware of all the same.

The bristle is formed from high density “flocking” – not the same quality as sisal fibers but still probably not an issue unless you’re a serious player.

The flocking has artificial “cracks” across the sectors which are mostly for show and nothing else. They are not actual flaws in the dartboard itself.

On the reverse of the board is a basic archery-style target with maximum point scoring of nine on the inner ring.

The Wuudi reversible board is therefore two dartboards in one.

Since the dartboard has two faces it does not have a conventional hanging system on the rear like other dartboards. Instead, it is hung at the top by means of a triangular loop.

This means there could be slight stability issues but the board reviews well, is good quality and it doesn’t appear to have any major problems.

To complete the set it includes six darts – not the best quality but perfectly adequate.

This is one of the more quirky cheap dartboards I found for this list.

If you like the idea of a two-sided dartboard with a different game on the back then the Wuudi is for you.

4. Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard ($$)

Fat Cat 727 Electronic DartboardElectronic dartboards tend to be far more expensive than bristle dartboards.

This is due to complexities integrated inthe “brains” of the board.

But the Fat Cat 727 electronic dartboard is an exception to the rule – pitching in at a similar price to the Viper Shot King, TG Champion and Wuudi double-sided boards.

For a cheap electronic dartboard this does have to be the pick of the bunch!

Bounce-outs are minimal for an electronic dartboard but the physical nature of the board you are throwing at means you will get more bounce-outs than a bristle dartboard.

==> See the Fat Cat 727 electronic dartboard in full detail

That said, the board keeps score very well, registering the score of each dart as it enters. You are saved the mental “headache” of calculating your score after each throw.

The Fat Cat dartboard operates on just 4 AA batteries and includes 18 different games (including the very popular “cricket”) which are built into the computer.

This adds some nice variety and reduces the boredom levels…

…something that might be important to you if you are playing with kids or buying this for a child.

As with any of the cheap dartboards, there is some corner-cutting to get the product down to such an attractive price.

For example, the score display is very small and may be quite difficult to read from your throwing distance.

The board is supplied with darts but they are not of the highest quality, so you might find yourself buying some more.

Overall though, if you want to try out a good electronic dartboard then give this is a go – it’s cheap and it handles itself very well.

5. Doinkit Magnetic Dartboard ($)

Doinkit magnetic dartboardMost definitely for the younger player (but the adults can have fun with it too!) the Doinkit magnetic dartboard is a solid performer.

Magnetic darts are perfect for children because they are relatively safe.

The darts have round, magnetic bases instead of sharp points so accidents are far less likely.

Even if they do happen they are far less serious.

==> Get a Doinkit magnetic dartboard for the kids

Not only are your kids safe but so are your walls too because if you miss the board with these darts you won’t damage your wall!

The set is supplied with six magnetic darts and the board is hung on the wall using a hook on its back.

The numbers and colours are all as they should be but because this is a magnetic dartboard and the darts are much wider at their ends the bullseye, double and treble scoring zones are increased in size to accommodate this.

This doesn’t detract from the game – it just makes it possible to play a proper game with magnetic darts!

Despite no cushioning effect the impact of the darts hitting the board is not loud.

The structure of the board is made from heavy duty cardboard with a plastic frame, embedded with magnets to make the darts stick. The board is approx 16 inches in diameter, so a good size. If you want fun with the kids and something that is a little bit challenging then you can’t go too far wrong with this magnetic dartboard.

Cheap dartboards have never been so fun!

6. DMI Brittany Dartboard ($)

DMI Brittany dartboardThe DMI Brittany dartboard has many parallels with the TG Champion dartboard that we looked at earlier.

To begin with, it is a bristle dartboard which can easily handle steel-tipped darts.

The bristle is composed of densely-packed sisal fibres which are designed to close and heal the holes between them when the darts are removed.

This is a key feature for any semi-serious player.

An 18 inch diameter board carries a movable wire which can be unpinned in four places and rotated to ensure that there is even wear over the numbers.

==> See what people say about the DMI Brittany dartboard

This is not a tournament board so it does not have the two features you will find in more expensive boards.

To begin with, the wire is held to the board by staples and, further, the wire is not super-thin or pitched at an angle.

The net result is that there is more metal on the surface of the board and it is therefore more likely the darts will strike this from time-to-time and bounce out.

That said, it probably won’t happen enough to spoil your game but with a board of this nature it is worth keeping in mind that you will have to pick your darts up from the floor a little more often than you would with a more expensive board.

Overall, the DMI Brittany dartboard is a decent board for the money and if you are on a limited budget looking for cheap dartboards then it will suit your needs just fine.

7. Viper League Pro Dartboard ($$)

Viper League Pro dartboardThe last one on the list is the Viper League Pro dartboard.

This is at the upper end of the budget price range but just manages to sneek in to our list of best cheap dartboards.

Made from high quality sisal fibers this dartboard promises self-healing of the dart holes.

Generally, this stands up to the claim.

The board can be played using both steel-tip and soft-tip darts which is a big plus point.

==> Read more and buy the Viper League Pro dartboard

As is a common theme with the cheaper dartboards, the wire frame is held to the board with staples, although the bullseye (if you can hit it) is staple-free.

The chances of suffering bounce-outs are higher because of the staples but it is hardly a deal-breaker. The wire is advertised as being thin…so every little helps.

The wire frame is removable and can rotate around the board which evenly distributes the wear and tear for a longer board life.

Supplied with the board is one set of three steel-tip darts (rather oddly there is not two sets which is a shame), as well as a mounting bracket (which you would expect)…

…and a scoreboard for the game of darts “cricket” which is an added bonus.

The reviews of the board hold up very well at Amazon and the Viper League Pro dartboard does not disappoint.

If you can stretch your budget to a fraction higher then the Viper League Pro is for you! Take a look also at our review of the Viper Shot King dartboard.

8 Dart Finish Recommends…

We have chosen seven cheap dartboards for our shortlist above which include bristle, electronic and magnetic dartboards.

But, there can only be one winner from each category!

For the bristle dartboard section I’ve gone for the Viper Shot King dartboard as the best bristle dartboard.

For quality and price it simply cannot be beaten. It has been extensively reviewed by customers and comes out of that very well.

If plenty of people are buying the Viper Shot King board then you know it’s a good one.

As for the other two sections I have selected one dartboard in each and so no surprises here.

The best budget electronic dartboard is in my view the Fat Cat 727 electronic dartboard.

Why? Because for the price it is an absolute steal.

There is no doubt it is an entry level electronic board but it is difficult to fault. Go for it.

Finally, I would rate the Doinkit board as one of the best magnetic dartboards.

It covers all the bases and is nice and cheap – you can’t really go wrong with this if you’re looking for a cheap magnetic dartboard for the family.