21 Popular Darts Games You Can Play on a Dartboard

The popularity of darts games has grown immensely with the advent of the internet. Playing dartboard games is fun, increases your precision and allows you to involve a larger number of players at once.

21 Popular Darts Games to Play Instead of 501

If you thought that the game of darts was just a one trick pony then you couldn’t be more wrong! There are now many kinds of dart games that anyone can play and here for you is our guide to 21 of the most popular darts games you can play right now.

All you need is some darts and a regular dartboard. If you don’t have a dartboard then you need to get one (here’s a list of the 7 best dartboards you can buy cheaply!).

Darts Games for you to Play Today

So let’s get to it…

The ’01 Darts Games

The first of our darts games are the #01 games, which refer to the standard 301, 501, 701, 901 and 1001 games. Players are assigned scores at the start of the match. For instance, players are awarded 301, 501 and 701 for 301, 501 and 701 games respectively. Players win by reducing their points to 0 and nothing lower. Different parts of the board attract different scores. The inner bull attracts 50 counts while the outer bull attracts 25. To finish and win the game a player must hit a double. For example, with a score of 32 remaining a player can win by hitting double 16. If a single 16 is hit the player would need to hit a double 8 with the next dart, and so on.

Around the Clock

This game is just as its name implies. Players are expected to hit the number around the clock (the board). Thus, the numbers from 1 to 20 must be run in the order in which they appear, and the players are expected to change turns after making each three throws. Each player in this game is given three darts, and the game can be played by two players. You start by hitting the number 1 and work up to 20. If a double is hit then you skip the next number, for example, if on the first turn a double 1 is hit then the number 2 is skipped and the next number required is 3. If a treble 1 is hit the next number required is 4. The first to reach and hit 20 wins.

180 Around the Clock

180 Around the Clock is a great game for increasing your precision in the match. The maximum score you can get in this game is 180, hence the name. The rules are simple. You are required to hit each number three times. If you run a single one each time on the spots, your total score would be 60, and if you hit triple each time, you will get 180. Experts in the game can get between 120 and 140.

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Chase the Dragon

Of all the darts games you can play, Chase the Dragon is perhaps one of most people’s favorite. This game is aimed at hitting the designated numbers from 10 to 20 as well as the outer and subsequently the inner bull. The points must be hit in sequence. Similar treble combination adopted in the standard 501 game is utilized here. If you run all of the 12 scoring areas in the game before your opponents do, you have won the game.

American Cricket

This one of the most popular darts games. The American form of cricket just requires players to close some stated numbers on the board. The required number of players is two players or two teams. An inning is closed when a player scores three of the number. The winner is the individual or team that first closes all the innings and also has most of the point. However, if the player first closes the inning and has equal points with the opponent, he is also declared a winner, but if he has less point than the opponent, he is not considered a winner. You can play cricket on many electronic dartboards which have this game (and many others) built into their computer. Check out the Arachnid Cricket 800 Pro which comes highly recommended.

English Cricket

This game is different from American cricket. It involves a batter and a bowler. The batter should remove the ten wickets on the dartboard with 11 wickets and the bowler in each turn must score as many points as possible. The winner calculated from the points gathered by each player during his turn as a batter.

Hare and Hounds

Just as its name implies, this game involves the hare, the player that starts the game and the hound, the hare’s opponent. The players have to play clockwise by hitting each point. The hare starts from 20 while the hound starts from 5. The hare aims at returning to 20 to be declared a winner, and the hound aims at catching up with the hare and once he does, he is the winner.


This game can be played by two or more players. The players first select the numbers to play and then draw out a table to record the number and space for each player as well as a row to record the score of each player against the numbers chosen. The purpose of the game is for the players to hit the number, beginning with the first number. If a player does, the number score is recorded against his name, and if he misses a subsequent one, the previous points are divided into two. The player with the highest score wins.

Grand National

This game involves the novice and dart throwers version. In the novice version, the players have to move anticlockwise beginning from 20 to 5, 12 and so forth. The dart throwers version also requires anticlockwise movement but from the large 5 and then hitting large number segments that appear in alternation.


This is another popular darts games and can be played by up to 5 people. The players are allotted numbers between 1 and 20, and they are to pick blindly. Each player’s number is recorded and is expected first to hit his number’s double three times, and when he does, he is referred as a killer. After this, the player plays their opponents double, making the opponent to lose a life. Each player is given between 3 and five lives and a player out of life losses, the remaining player in the game wins.

Blind Killer

This dart game is similar to “Killer”. The players are expected to pick numbers from 1 to 20 blindly, but this time, they are not supposed to expose the figures. The players then hit any number double of their choice. Once a number double is hit, it is recorded against the number and the player that picked the number is losses. The player left in the game at the end wins.


First, the players throw single darts each and the order of play is determined by the proximity of the throw to the bull. The first player must hit as high score as possible, and his score is recorded. The next player is expected to hit higher score than the previous player and if not his name is circled. If you have three circles against your name, you are dropped. The last standing player wins.


Two or more players can play this match, and each player is given three darts. The order of player is determined by the first throw’s proximity to the bull. The players are given between 3 and five lives with their names recorded on board. The players are expected to hit any part of the board in their first throw and then in the subsequent throws; they must hit the same spot, else they lose.

Mickey Mouse

This dart game is just like American cricket with some few tweaks. Of course, you are expected to close the numbers but hitting it thrice. The numbers in question are 20, then through 12 and any doubles, trebles, and bulls. A score on one dart is denoted by X; a score on two darts is indicated by XX and so forth.

Nine Lives

No designated number of player is required. The purpose is to be the number one player to hit each number from 1 to 20 round the clock in the sequence they occur. The players have given three lives and three darts, and if a player mishit with all three darts, he loses a life. A player that has lost all his lives is removed, and the remaining player wins.


This darts game involves two players or teams. A noughts-and-crosses board is drawn, consisting of nine spaces. The bull is drawn at the center, and other numbers are written in the remaining squares; the player’s score in each of the written scores are recorded. Just like the traditional game, the players aim at preventing each other from hitting the three in a row and the player that succeeds in hitting three in a row wins.


The preferred number of players for this game is five, but it can be played by two people or teams. The aim here is to hit a single dart in each spot from 1 to 20 clockwise. After hitting at one, the player should hit 18 and so forth. The order of play is determined by the proximity of the first throw to the bull. The game is scored.


Two players or more can play Shanghai, the order of the dart game is first determined as usual, and the players aim at hitting a single, double and treble. Any player that first achieves this objective wins. This target can be accomplished in any number, but the players must start from number 1 and move in order.

51 by 5’s

The main numbers involved here are numbers divisible by 5, namely 5, 10, 15, 20. Player’s total scores must be divisible by five else it will not get any point. The point is the value obtained by dividing the count by 5. The player that first gains 51 fives are the winner.


This darts game is much like tennis play. The aim is to win the best of six service games. A set tiebreak is played if 3-3 service game score is attained. The server plays first. An ace is won if he hits the bullseye with his first dart. The scores are declared to the opponent, and the player with the highest score wins.


The target of this darts game is to close six random numbers and also hit the bullseye before your opponents do the same. The playing order is first determined, and the players’ numbers are written on top of the board in the game order. A number is closed if it is hit three times and the players focus on a number until it is closed before aiming at another number.

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