14 Reasons Why You Should be Playing Darts!

14 Reasons Why You Should Play DartsDarts is a traditional game that you will see in bars, clubs and pubs in many countries of the world. It is especially popular in the UK and Europe, as well as in the USA, Canada and Australia. To many people darts is an enjoyable and sociable game. You might be surprised to learn there are a number of benefits in playing darts – some of these being health benefits!

In this post we look at all the good things about playing darts, the benefits and why you should consider taking it up as a hobby or even as a new sport.

1. Playing darts is fun!

The number one reason to play darts is simply because it is enjoyable. No matter what darts game you are playing there is something of a drama in throwing a dart and waiting to see where it will land in the board. Will it land in that elusive “treble twenty”? Can you hit the bullseye? For anyone who has played the game it gives you a moment of real satisfaction when you hit the double, treble or anywhere else that you have been aiming for.

Of course, top darts players always expect to hit the part of the board they are aiming for, but for the rest of us amateurs we get that little bit of a sense of achievement when that double goes in. Practice makes us better of course and the more you play the more accuracy you will have, which in turn makes it all the more enjoyable.

2. Darts is relaxing

I speak for myself here, but I am not unique. Darts is a relaxing game to play. Sometimes if I am tense or have had a stressful time then it is easy to unwind by picking up my darts and having a few throws. Throwing the darts focuses the mind because it forces you to focus on the board and concentrate as you throw the dart towards the number that you want to hit. By throwing darts, you are forcing yourself to be in the moment of “now”. You don’t think about your anxieties or your stresses, you just think about throwing those darts at the board.

Being in the present moment and fully experiencing it is probably one of the best things that you can do in order to nurture your well-being and contentment. There is a wealth of information out there on the subject of “living in the now”. So buy a dartboard, throw some darts and fully experience and enjoy the moment as you do so. It’s easy and it’s relaxing.

3. Darts is a sociable game

You can play darts on your own or more often you will play with a friend or as part of a group. If you have noticed our article on Darts Games you will know that it can be played as a large group. You do not have to be competitive, you can play for fun. Meet and join up with people at a pub or club or why not even join a darts league and broaden your social circle,

4. Playing darts improves your hand and eye co-ordination

An obvious benefit, but no less valuable. Playing darts is all about the movement of the hand in tune with the eye. You hold the dart steady in your hand just in front of your eye as you take aim and throw. Through constant repetition over time that will improve your hand and eye co-ordination significantly.

5. Darts is good for your brain

In this day and age we are becoming more aware of just how important it is to maintain good brain function as we get older. To keep the brain in tune we must use it as much as we can by performing mental agility tasks. You certainly don’t have to be a mathematician to play darts but the game does require some basic mathematical skill as you work your way down from 501 to ultimately finish on a double. You need to know your checkouts and as you get down to a checkout score you need to work out what you need to hit. Need 154 in your next three darts? That’s treble twenty, treble twenty, double seventeen.

The game of darts helps with your logical and strategical thinking and gives the brain a good workout, which will serve you well into old age.

6. Master self-control playing darts

The simple movement of throwing darts whilst maintaining a visual focus on the board can improve what scientists call “proprioception”, which is the term given to the knowledge of one’s own body position. Over time, your awareness of your bodily movements becomes sharper and you begin to have more control and poise over those movements. This increases your discipline and enables you to exert control over your body under circumstances where balance and coordination are called for.

7. Playing darts enables you to release aggression

Yes, you read that correctly. There aren’t many recreational pursuits that allow you to throw what is essentially a weapon at a stationary target with all your force if you wish to. Throwing darts is like throwing small knives at a sticky board. Get that aggression out of yourself and throw some darts. You’ll feel a whole lot better afterwards.

8. Darts can boost confidence

The more you practice at darts the better you will get. That will boost your confidence and your self-esteem. Especially when you start beating other players!

9. It’s cheap to play

You can pick up a dartboard with a set of darts included for as little as twenty bucks to start with. Try it and see if you like it. If you progress to stage where you are enjoying playing fairly regularly then that’s the time to invest a little more on a high quality dartboard and darts. If you want to buy a cheap dartboard then you will find several recommendations on this site to get you started. Darts is not an expensive sport and it’s cheap to have a go and see if you like it. If you are playing a pub or club then it will more than likely be free to play.

10. It’s quick and easy

The sport of darts is what I call “pick up and play”. There is no “set up and play”. Provided you have your dartboard fixed permanently somewhere then all you have to do is pick up a set of darts and start throwing. There is no setting up involved, no marking out, nothing. Just grab your darts and play. Throw some darts for a few minutes while you are waiting for that telephone call or maybe while you are waiting for the washing machine to finish its “spin” cycle. Whatever spare few minutes you have you can take a mini time-out from your schedule by throwing a few darts and working a little bit on your technique.

11. Why not play darts outdoors?

You might have thought that darts is an indoor sport and to a large degree it is. But did you ever wonder if you could play darts outdoors in your yard? Provided the weather is OK (in other words, it isn’t raining and there is no breeze) then darts is a fantastic outdoor game to play. Hang your board outside and enjoy your outdoor space.

For my own part my dartboard mount is attached to my fence. I just take my board outside and hang it on the mount. Within sixty seconds I’m playing darts in the fresh air. When I’m done I just unhook the board and put it away. The big bonus about playing darts outside is that there’s no worry of damage, so maybe you can even let the kids throw a few as well! You won’t mind getting small holes in your fence if you miss

12. Darts is a family game

Did I say above that you can let the kids throw a few? Well, provided they are of a sensible age and under full adult supervision then why not? Let darts be a family game and enjoy playing it with your kids. I got hooked on darts playing it in my dad’s garage. I’ve loved the game ever since. If you are concerned about safety of your children with darts then you can always consider getting a magnetic dart board which uses darts with flat tips.

13. There are many different games in one

We all know the classic game of darts where each player starts at 501 and works their way down to zero, finishing with a double. However, you don’t have to play it like this. There are many different other darts games you can play, such as “Round the Clock” and “Killer” in which many players can take part at the same time. Darts is not just one game, it is many games. Anyone can play, young or old. Check out these other dartboard games!

14. Darts increases your concentration levels

When you are aiming at the board you are focused and concentrating intensely. You are in the same state every time you throw your three darts and you return to that concentrated state when it is your turn again as soon as your playing partner has thrown their darts. These repeated cycles of intense concentration and focus help to discipline and train your mind to stop it wandering, which in turn benefits your life in general. Your mind’s ability to achieve concentration levels whenever called upon increases and this can only help you with your daily routine. A wandering mind can be distracting and at worst, leave you with uncontrolled thoughts that you would rather not think about. Playing darts truly is a “brain training” exercise.