14 Crazy Customised Dartboards

14 Crazy Customised Dartboards

We all know what a standard dartboard looks like and most people would not even contemplate playing darts on anything else.

But, did you know that dartboards can be customized and do not have to be the same red, yellow, green and black colors?

As long as the layout is the same with the numbers in the right places and the same beds for the singles, doubles and trebles then you can still play the game the same way. I guess the numbers might be harder to hit though!

So let’s look at 14 of the craziest customized dartboards around.

1. Love heart emoji dartboard

Love heart emoji dartboardWhy not put some fun into your darts with this love heart emoji dartboard?

The image doesn’t make it too difficult to see the beds and it will certainly brighten up any wall.

You can play your own game on this board. The first player to hit the face in the eyes, mouth and then finally the nose is the winner!

Play darts and put on a happy face!

2. Ying and yang dartboard

Ying and yang customised dartboardThis ying-yang customised dartboard is very attractive in its two colors of black and purple, but being customizable you could probably choose your own colors.

It is not quite the perfect ying and yang symbol, there is more of the black color on the left than there is purple on the right, but they blend very well.

The contrast line does not bisect the bullseye and that’s probably a very good design choice. If the bullseye was left divided into two colors it would be even harder to hit!

3. Children’s “Happy Crab” dartboard

Children's happy crab dartboardIf you are happy to encourage your kids to play on a bristle dartboard then this brightly-colored customized board could be their inspiration to take up the game.

It is possible to customize a dartboard with anything and this is a good example seen on Zazzle.

The colors are vivid and it’s a happy picture. The crab will stay happy, even though it will have darts thrown at it!

Add your child’s name at the top and it makes a great personalised gift.

4. Dog dartboard

Dog custom dartboardWhat about a photo of your dog?

This customized photo dartboard is overlayed by a metal number cage. Some of the doubles and trebles look difficult to spot, but what’s not to like about this doggy dartboard?

Your dog might wonder why you are throwing darts at its face, but hell you ain’t gonna hurt him! (or her!)

5. NFL team dartboard

Green Bay Packers NFL dartboardOK please go easy we are not Packers fans, but this is a great example of how you can show support for your NFL team in an unusual way.

These are not easy to get and the quality is superb. The Packers’ badge is expertly reproduced on the dartboard and it would look very striking on your wall – whatever the badge of team you support.

We think this one will be tough to play on, however. The trebles are not easy to see!

6. Black and white dartboard

Black and white dartboard This has an ultra-cool look about it in clean black and white. It might be a better option if you are looking for a customised dartboard that shows the doubles and trebles easily.

The regular dartboard is stripped of its coloring and replaced with black, white and gray here.

The doubles and trebles are easy to spot (maybe not so easy to hit!). Makes an excellent customized dartboard choice that is very playable.

7. Soccer team dartboard

Soccer team Manchester United dartboardShow your support for your favorite English Premier League soccer team with this customized dartboard.

Around the perimeter of the board is the team name and badge.

In this example we showcase a Manchester United dartboard which is has the red and black colors of the team. Like our example above, the colors do not make playing the game any more difficult. All the beds can be clearly seen.

8. Multicolor geometric dartboard

Multicolor geometric dartboardIf you want your dartboard to make a design statement then look no further!

Here we have a modern and most funky dartboard with an abstract geometric pattern.

You might well struggle to see the numbers so this may be a board that you would have great difficulty playing on, but my it stands out!

At least the bullseye can be spotted easily!

9. Geometric dot print dartboard

Geometric dots dartboardWant a dartboard with a clean and modern design?

How about this geometric dot print dartboard with a monogram in the centre ring?

Perhaps not the most playable dartboard but with this on your wall you may not care – it looks so cool!

Advertised on Zazzle and fully customisable. Replace the letters in the center with whatever you like.

10. Tree round dartboard

Tree round dartboardWith some great ingenuity and some work you can make your own dartboard.

Here’s a board made from the cross-section of a tree round. It is beautifully marked out and scored.

You won’t get quite the same game as a bristle dartboard (and the darts will need a good, hard throw) but what a lovely board this is.

Worthy as a stand-alone decorative piece, even if you don’t play on it.

11. Antique-style navy dartboard

Navy antique dartboardThis is a one-off custom wooden dartboard with a striking display.

Colored in navy blue, white and gray, the board has an aged, antique look and feel.

More for decoration than for play, but a beautiful piece nonetheless. Perfect for a darting enthusiast who has just about everything else.

Definitely a talking point.

12. Vector pattern dartboard

Vector dartboardIn a word, this is DOPE!

A beautifully-crafted custom dartboard displaying a vivid and colorful vector pattern.

It is the last word in funky customized dartboard design.

What we like about this also is the fact that it is definitely most playable. The beds can be seen easily, so this is the perfect marriage of looks and playability.

13. The Trump dartboard

The Trump dartboardIf you are not a fan of President Trump and want to take out your anger, then this is probably a good choice for you.

You can throw darts at President Trump all day long with this parody Trump dartboard with Mexican hat.

The beds are not easy to see but you might not be aiming for those anyway. I’m guessing you’ll want to hit him right in the eyes.

And nose. And mouth.

14. The Hillary Clinton dartboard

The Clinton dartboardIn the interests of political diversity (and if you are a Republican, not a Trump-basher) then here’s the Hillary Clinton dartboard.

All same comments apply as per the Trump dartboard. She may now be gone and out of the limelight, but you might want to keep throwing darts at her as you practice your darting.

It’s a playable board and the red spot bullseye on her nose adds a comedy clown touch.